Leadership Training

Lifelong Learner Program

Leadership is the competitive advantage within any organization. This advantage is derived from ALL members of the organization at every level. Leadership development is the deliberate, continual, sequential, and progressive process – grounded in values – that enhances individuals through their ability to apply leadership skills in both their personal and professional lives. This program is part of that development process to become a better “self-leader.”

The Lifelong Learner Program is based upon the philosophy that learning is directly related to overall employee wellness.  The Lifelong Learner Program – Self-Leadership Course consists of 12 modules and uses the on-line training platform to accomplish the training. 


The Lifelong Learner Program incorporates accountability, engagement, and commitment, to develop ethical leaders who enhance teams and strengthen organizations through the execution of “self-leadership.” At the completion of the course the individual will be provided a PDF of the weekly and culminating projects as well as a Certificate of Training for 12-Hours Advanced Leadership and Ethics from the ETHOS Consulting Team.

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